Sunday, October 4, 2009

Assassination Game

I've put together a game at my school. It's called the Great Assassination Game. The rules are pretty simple. You sign people up and make a list. You number the list and have it so that 1 goes for 2, 2 goes for 3, and so on and so forth and have the last guy go for 1. When the assassin kills his target, he then obtains his target's target and continues on with the game.
In order for you to kill your target, you have to take a highlighter and mark them in a vital area. The vital areas are the head, neck, and torso. The arms, legs, and hands don't count. You can also use nerf guns and other projectiles if you would like.
The game turned out a lot better than I thought. 52 people signed up for it and it was amusing for me to watch and moderate it. The only flaw in the game was that the target had no way of defending himself from his assasilent. So the next round, which I'm creating right now by the way, will have a new rule so that all assassinations must be done in secret without your target noticing you. So pretty much there cannot be a struggle or a chase when assassinations occur.
The game ended and took only 1 week. It gained so much popularity that when I made the next round, I had 100 people sign up in one day. So I suggest that people should try this out somewhere. It's great for school, work, or some kind of event.

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