Monday, October 19, 2009

It's getting chilly

Ah, the winter is setting in and that means a lot of changes. For guys, it means going from khakis to blue jeans. Girls, it's all about those Eskimo boots of theirs. It also means that my car is going to be a giant Popsicle every morning and driving is gonna suck.
I wanna take this time and kinda discuss a certain manga. The manga that I recently finished reading was School Rumble (also SCZ). At first, I was pretty skeptical, cause it seemed like your average gag manga that has no story line. In a way, it is lol. But I actually enjoyed reading this series. The jokes were funny, the drawing was acceptable, and I actually did laugh out loud at certain points. I have to say my favorite character is Harima Kenji. His life adventures are hilarious and make me smile no matter what he does. I really wish that he gets paired up with Yakumo, cause I also like her as well. What I hate the most is effing Tenma. I dunno about all the other readers, but I sometimes found myself just skimming over the chapters about her. It's just a pain to read about her retarded antics and ideas, which is probably why I like Yakumo, who is more down to earth. I started the anime and it's also good. They pulled off the jokes very well and the season 2 opening is very catchy.
Overall, I would give the manga a 7 out of 10. If it was only about Harima, then it would be a definite 10. Btw, anyone else notice the uncanny similarity of Harima and the actual creator of School Rumble?

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